Deep Minds with Decades of Strategic Experience in Regulated Industries

Our members include financial institutions, AI consultants and technology firms who are experts in deploying secure and compliant AI applications for regulated industries.

  • Collaborative Model

    An integrated consulting model that enhances profitability through a synergistic blend of joint offerings, innovative solutions, and exclusive access to thought leadership and regulatory agencies.

  • Joint Service Offerings

    Combining AI risk management across various partners’ strengths to offer broad engagement models customized to existing and new clients.

  • Collaborative Projects
    and Referrals

    Referral structures to cross-sell and engage with partners in offering comprehensive client solutions.

  • Shared R&D and

    Collaborate on R&D in AI governance and cybersecurity, fostering continuous innovation and thought leadership.

  • Branding and

    Joint marketing initiatives to enhance visibility across a broad client audience by leveraging the Think Tank’s credibility and partner brands.

  • Thought Leadership
    and Regulator Access

    Engagement with government agencies
    on emerging compliance standards for AI governance, ethics and security.

Next Steps

Join us in leading the future of AI in regulated industries by becoming a member of our Think Tank to elevate your firm’s AI capabilities, connect with a network of top-tier professionals, and shape the conversation on AI governance and compliance.

Advisory Members

Greg Woolf

CEO, AI RegRisk™ Think Tank

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Chuck Senatore

Head of Risk, Fidelity, (Retired)

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Jim Cunha

EVP Federal Reserve Bank (Retired)

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Gautam Dev

CEO, Genix Cyber

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Sherry Orel

CEO, Next Level Catapult

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Brian Allen

SVP Tech & Cyber, BPI

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Debbie Madden

CEO, Stride

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Nayan Madhamshettiwar

Managing Director, First Rate

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